Bøger skrevet af Anders Oehlenschlæger

What is more fulfilling than seeing your thoughts, your fantasy, your moods, your feelings, your fictitious inventions brought to life through words…. This was obviously my prime mover when I put a lot of effort in the development and fine tuning of my story, which started as an essay in high school over 30 years ago. This essay is as of today not recognizable, as it has evolved far from its base. I have always been good with words. Have always tried to maintain and preserve my native Danish tongue, but yet don’t consider myself in the league of eloquence and literary top. But I have a good story to tell and considering what I’ve read of similar fictitious literature in my life, which now spans over 5 decades, I’m sure this story will appeal to many readers who fancy thrilling suspense wrapped in the bad smell of international policy mongering at its worst. I’ll probably stir up some debate considering the nature of the four parallel stories and since the main subject in the book involves political views on many different issues, I’m certain some outbursts not appropriate for prime time TV will occur. That’s the freedom of the author.

Fulde navn: Anders Oehlenschlæger