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Af: Andy Rhodes

En del af: Moon Handbooks

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Beskrivelse af Texas af Andy Rhodes

With Moon Texas, Austin local Andy Rhodes' travel guide to the Lone Star State, discover the good ol' fashioned Southern hospitality that makes Texas so diverse, captivating, and just plain fun. What You'll Discover in Moon Texas: Firsthand perspective from Austin local and seasoned travel writer Andy Rhodes. Full-color photos and detailed, easy-to-use maps for navigating independently. Strategic itineraries for every trip and budget, including: The Best of Texas in One Week, Remember the Alamo!, Barbeque as a Way of Life, and Family Fun. Focused coverage for Dallas and Fort Worth, Austin and the Hill Country, San Antonio and South Texas, Houston and East Texas, the Gulf Coast, El Paso and West Texas, Big Bend Region, Panhandle Plains, and more. Honest advice on finding the right accommodations and the best transportation routes. Activities and ideas for every traveler: Explore living history at the Missions National Historic Park or drive back in time on the nostalgic remnants of Route 66. Sample authentic, smoky barbeque or classic Tex-Mex staples or find the best dining and nightlife in Houston's lively metropolis. Stop in Austin to catch a show in the "Live Music Capital of the World." Explore endless, untouched plains and catch the striking sunset over the vast, colorful Palo Duro Canyon. Detailed and thorough information, including crucial background on culture and history, geography, and regional vernacular With Moon Texas' practical tips, myriad activities, and local insight on the best things to do and see, you can plan your trip your way.
Forfatter Andy Rhodes
Serie Moon Handbooks
Forlag Avalon Travel Publishing
Udgave 9
ISBN 9781631216473
Sprog engelsk
Originalsprog Sproget kan ikke bestemmes
Sider 525
Udgivelsesdato 28-12-2017
Basis format HÆFTET
Format Hæftet
Varenr. 2436471
EAN nr. 9781631216473
Varetype Direkte
Varegruppe Maps/guides
Leverandør Diverse kreditorer (bibi)
Lev. varenr. 9781631216473

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