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the relation between us

the relation between us

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Travel has opened chef Bo Bech’s mind, heart and stomach to the world. In his third and most personal book Bech shares his experiences as a travelling chef with Leica at hand and as a fellow traveller on a life journey equipped with curiosity, gratitude and an abiding interest in people and their cultures. Combining photo reportage, journal notes and recipes to inspire rather than dutifully follow, The Relation Between Us is a guide from a passionate chef about what happens before the food goes on the plate.A book about spontaneity, taking risks and experiencing the world through all your senses: tasting and smelling, touching and hearing, and, most of all, seeing. Spotting an ingredient, observing a ritual, seeing the bigger picture.A visual feast, this is a book for anyone who loves food, be they a home cook who wants to know more about doing less in the kitchen or a professional chef open to new realms. From a dangerously addictive recipe that goes straight to the hips to a bourbon-laced barbecue sauce and a liver pâté with a secret ingredient that makes people go bananas, Bech encourages you to master simple techniques, trust your instincts and have fun. This is a book from the heart about joy, love, life and eating. “A love letter to motion that cements Bo’s place as the poet-philosopher of the modern kitchen.” - Matt Goulding, co-founder Roads & Kingdoms. Editor, words, recipes, photography - Bo Bech
Forlag Bo Bech Forlag
Udgave 1
ISBN 9788797011928
Sprog Engelsk
Originalsprog eng
Sider 368
Udgivelsesdato 15-11-2020
Basis format Indbundet
Format Indbundet
Varenr. 2895161
EAN nr. 9788797011928
Varetype Direkte
Varegruppe Mad/vin div.
Leverandør DBK - Bogdistribution
Lev. varenr. 9788797011928
Højde/Dybde (mm) 49
Bredde (mm) 226
Længde (mm) 281
Vægt (g) 1769
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