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Solskinslandet - e-bog

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Read the heartwarming story of three children, Celia, Oscar and Tommy, and Chase the dog, who walk up the rainbow to the Land of Sunshine. Here they rescue Princess Sunflower and the Land of Sunshine from the wicked fox soldiers and bring back happiness to the country. A children's book of friendship and adventure. Ages 5-9. 7 chapters: One for each color of the rainbow or one for each day of the week. Extract 1: Mom walked toward them, carrying the half-soaked mail in her arms. "What a beautiful rainbow." She smiled. "Look how clear it is, and it's as if the colors are becoming more beautiful all the time. It almost looks like a path." Extract 2: As the children stood in awe, gazing at the magnificent castle, a loud creaking sound came from the gate. Alarmed, they watched the golden gate begin to swing open, and the children quickly jumped aside to hide behind a large, grey stone. A regiment of soldiers marched out the gate, holding spears in their hands and wearing pointy hats. The hats were very tall, and pitch black as the night. “Did you see that?” Oscar asked. “The soldiers are foxes! I have never seen anything like it before. They walk on two legs like humans!” he continued, nervously adding, “Don’t you think it would be better to go home now?”
Forfatter Malene Rossau
Forlag MOTIVATEme Books
Udgave 0
ISBN 9788793378001
Sprog Dansk
Originalsprog dan
Originaltitel Land of Sunshine
Udgivelsesdato 08-09-2015
Format e-bog
Themakode YFB;YFH
Varenr. 2231247
EAN nr. 9788793378001
Varetype Direkte
Varegruppe Oprettet fra inventtable
Leverandør DBK - Bogdistribution
Lev. varenr. 9788793378001


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