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The Little Guesthouse of New Beginnings

The Little Guesthouse of New Beginnings

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Forlagsbeskrivelse af The Little Guesthouse of New Beginnings af Donna Ashcroft

‘Lovely and heart-warming!... I was hooked on this book from the very first page...Grab it now and settle down to enjoy the loveliness that this book gives!... Wonderful!!’ Stardust Book Reviews, 5 stars The Sunshine Hideaway, with its big bay windows, fresh-baked scones, and stunning view of Sunflower Island’s golden beaches, is the only place Madison Skylar has ever truly thought of as home. But returning to the guesthouse might not be as easy as she first thought... Twenty-three-year-old Madison has been running away from the pain in her past, travelling all over the world trying to find happiness, yet her heart leads her back to her childhood home. When she arrives at The Sunshine Hideaway, she discovers the beautiful old building on the tiny island falling into disrepair. So Madison throws herself into transforming it into a stunning wellness retreat. Will this be enough to save the guesthouse, before it’s too late? Handsome and mysterious Connor has lived on Sunflower Island his whole life. He works hard as a builder, with his faithful dog Jaws by his side, but something is missing and he dreams of bigger things. As Connor helps to revamp the guesthouse, he wonders if this could be his opportunity to tell the woman he’s secretly been in love with for years how he really feels... As Madison embraces life on the close-knit island, sharing wine with old friends and ice-cream with quirky new neighbours, she also finds herself being drawn to shy Connor. Despite their clashes on how to paint the rooms and get ready for the grand re-opening, a heat is building between them. But can opposites attract and find true love this summer? Or will their different personalities bring them heartache... and risk the future of the little guesthouse? An utterly perfect, feel-good romance about the power of friendship, the meaning of home and the joy of falling in love in the sunshine. Perfect for fans of Carole Matthews, Milly Johnson and Debbie Macomber. Why readers are falling in love with The Little Guesthouse of New Beginnings: ‘Oozed charm and warmth and I loved everything about it.... a feel-good read that will leave you feeling all warm and snug inside... fabulous... will have you forgetting all sense of time. Loved it!’ By the Letter Book Reviews, 5 stars ‘An utter joy to read from start to finish, it just gave you that warm, feel-good feeling inside... Charming, warm and wonderful.’ Shaz’s Book Blog ‘Filled to the brim with heart and soul that left me grinning from ear to ear. I devoured the entire book in one sitting as the story invited me in with it's warmth... I found that I just couldn't put it down...heart-warming and uplifting... an all round perfect pick me up of a read that I couldn't put down.’ Stacy is Reading Series sales over 45,000 copies to-date. Previous title rated 5* Donna spent a couple of decades writing bad horror stories and worse poetry until she gave up and accidently fell into publishing. After many years of working on other people’s books, she began to write her own romantic comedies and hasn’t looked back. When Donna isn’t lost in her latest love affair, she works for a website where she indulges her other passion – buying moisturiser. Donna lives in Hertfordshire with her own romantic hero, two gorgeous teenagers and a couple of cantankerous cats.


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The Little Guesthouse of New Beginnings
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