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Made With Creative Commons

Made With Creative Commons

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Beskrivelse af Made With Creative Commons af Sarah Pearson

This is a book about sharing. It is about sharing textbooks, music, data, art, more. People, organizations, and businesses all over the world are sharing their work using Creative Commons licenses because they want to encourage the public to reuse their works, to copy them, to modify them. They are Made with Creative Commons.   But if they are giving their work away to the public for free, how do they make money?   This is the question this book sets out to answer. There are 24 in-depth examples of different ways to sustain what you do when you share your work. And there are lessons, about how to make money but also about what sharing really looks like -- why we do it and what it can bring to the economy and the world.   Part analysis, part handbook, part collection of case studies, this book is a guide to sharing your knowledge and creativity with the world, and sustaining your operation while you do. Going from a proprietary all-rights-reserved model to one that lets others copy, reuse, and modify your work is a big change. Made with Creative Commons describes the mindshift, the benefits, and the practices that come with going “open.”   CASE STUDIES: ARDUINO, ÁRTICA, BLENDER INSTITUTE, CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY, THE CONVERSATION, CORY DOCTOROW, FIGSHARE, FIGURE.NZ‚ KNOWLEDGE UNLATCHED, LUMEN LEARNING, JONATHAN MANN, NOUN PROJECT, OPEN DATA INSTITUTE, OPENDESK, OPENSTAX, AMANDA PALMER‚ PLOS (PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SCIENCE)‚ RIJKSMUSEUM, SHAREABLE, SIYAVULA, SPARKFUN, TEACHAIDS, TRIBE OF NOISE and WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION. It makes the case that sharing is good for business, especially for companies, organizations, and creators who care about more than just the bottom line. Full of practical advice and inspiring stories, Made with Creative Commons is a book that will show you what it really means to share.
Forfattere Sarah Pearson og Paul Stacey
Forlag Ctrl+Alt+Delete Books
Udgave 1
ISBN 9788799873333
Sprog Engelsk
Originalsprog eng
Sider 176
Udgivelsesdato 05-05-2017
Basis format Paperback
Format Paperback
Varenr. 2370654
EAN nr. 9788799873333
Varetype Direkte
Varegruppe Engelsk paperbacks div.
Leverandør DBK - Bogdistribution
Lev. varenr. 9788799873333
Højde/Dybde (mm) 14
Bredde (mm) 219
Længde (mm) 283
Vægt (g) 518

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