Collins World Atlas: Complete Edition

Collins World Atlas: Complete Edition

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A beautiful gift for the adventurers in your family This atlas of the world presents a complete view of the world, bringing it to life through innovative maps, stunning images and detailed content. It offers an exciting perspective on how the planet is made up, how it looks and how it works. This world atlas includes: • Highly detailed, updated regional and world-wide mapping • Wide range of topical issues covered including natural disasters, population, climate and the environment • Key country statistics allow comparisons of their state of development and an understanding of today's world • Thousands of facts and statistics including world and continental ranking tables Mapping updates include; • Country name changes – Czechia (formerly Czech Rep.), Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) and North Macedonia (formerly Macedonia) • Place name changes in New Zealand and Australia • Administrative structures in India, France, Ghana, Kazakhstan and Norway • Changes to capital cities in Burundi and Kazakhstan • Railways in France, motorways in UK, Russia and Ireland, new rail and road bridge across Kerch Strait
Forlag Times Books
Udgave 4
ISBN 9780008344405
Sprog engelsk
Sider 312
Udgivelsesdato 03-09-2020
Basis format Indbundet
Format Indbundet
Varenr. 2904350
EAN nr. 9780008344405
Varetype Direkte
Varegruppe Maps/guides
Leverandør Diverse kreditorer (bibi)
Lev. varenr. 9780008344405

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